My Christmas list of Photoshop improvements

Multi Resolution Bicubic Transforms/deformations on 3D cards and 2D transforms. Intelligent 2.5D Relighting paint tools, A Instanced Brush tool that duplicates user input in multiple offseted locations. Improved nondestructive Workflow( All Transforms made modular), Nondestructive HSV or other Algorithmic based Key masking. Nondestructive True vector Pen tool Shapes (useful for masking), Pen tool vector point feathering. Improved Camera Raw workflow (enable Camera Raw as a standalone product and improved hooks from photoshop back out to it.)

Adobe, if you do not feel these features are suitable for the ‘every mans’ photoshop , even though Photoshop eliminates aims to do that, Provde a Photoshop Pro Product

– Nathanfx

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