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Golden Crop – Complex Composition without the Math

Most of the time I’m keen on sharing a  Visual effects tip that I had to rack my own brian out trying to solve, but this time I would like to give the air waves for a brief moment to a photoshop plugin thats comes in really handy for me,  Golden Crop.  Golden Crop Does math mathematic operations to give you Complex Composition models and algorithm in simple photoshop guidelines.

For those of you who are new to installing photoshop plug ins, simply drop the plugin file into your photoshop plugin folder, OSX users will find this in their photoshop folder in the application folder.


Once downloaded your going to search high and low in photoshop and wonder what actualy happen, dont worry I had the same reaction after Installing Golden Crop, and its where you least expect it. In the File<automate menu will apear a new set up options for Golden Crop, Simply select what operations you want it to execute and there you go.Compostions no one can argue about with you, because you have science your side. Or at least Golden Crop.

Nathaniel Westveer – www.nathanfx.com