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Nathanfx – Nuke Stereo Rig

Nuke was made for stereo. Even before its support in version 5 Nukes flexible node sytem seems
to be the perfect way to cobble together a way to make any thing go which way.

But if your in a pinch or are new to stereo Making your own custom rig may seem like a Daunting Task.

Nathanfx – Nuke Stereo Rig from Nathaniel Westveer on Vimeo.

So here is mine, I hope you have fun with it.

Under The Rig Control node

Rig move

This Node Controls the Rigs Movement

Key frame or Parent a Solved camera to the RIg.

For cameras with Variable Focus you Can parent the rigs focus controls under the Solved Import tab.

Enjoy The ability to nondestructive adjust the camera on top of a monoscopic solve data

Toe Slider- to adjust convergence – Leave at 0 if you want a parallel rig
Inner Axeal – Also Known as Inner Ocular when Refuting to the Human Eye, Slides both cameras away and towards each other horizontally.

Rig move – this is a quick peak where the axis is sitting and gives you the ability to parent the rigs position

— Indie Tab
Left Indie – moves the Left camera Independently from the Right non destructively to the inner ocular
Right Indie – Moves the Right camera Independently from the Left non destructively to the inner ocular

Left Rotation Indie – Nondestructive Rotate the Left

Right Rotation Indie – Nondestructive Rotate the Right

Projection Tab

This is the same as what you would find in the Camera Projection Tab, Adjust the Focal, Aperture ect

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